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We would like to discuss our way of collaborating with other rescues. For those who aren’t familiar, PATCHES will be a co-working space where rescues can have their own shelter within a larger facility. This is only one aspect of this program. We also would like this to be a social collaboration where individuals with certain needs can receive help with their problems they may be experiencing, such as veterans, people with disabilities and seniors. We are planning to meet with the Veteran’s Affairs to evaluate and see if these soldiers would be able to work in a structured program in the facility. In studies, veterans experiencing Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) gain benefits working with animals, especially with dogs in their therapy. This bond between the soldier and dog provides the much-needed purpose for the soldiers.

As for people with disabilities, we would like to work with them and allow them to work with the animals. While individuals may not be able to function entirely on their own, they can complete tasks with supervision within the facility. For instance, other people may be interested in providing attention to animals, feeding, cleaning up or walking animals. While other people with disabilities may need help, they are more than welcome to play with the animals.

Another group of people we would like to be involved with seniors in the community. Many seniors, especially those who live in nursing homes or assisted care would love the companionship of an animal. These individuals are welcome to the facility, work with animal socialization and care for the younger animals. There are studies that have shown older people receive benefits for this, for example, lowering their blood pressure, reducing medication and giving purpose in their lives. Many factors intertwine themselves where more benefits than the initial purpose is achieved.