R.A.I.N Rescue

Patches’ objective is to protect animals in the Phoenix valley with housing and support while educating the community on animal welfare and statistics. 

 Wayne Miller founded R.A.I.N. (Rescuing Animals In Need). His passion is to educate people about statistics and saving lives. http://azrain.org/ 

He would like to let people know that every adoption saves TWO lives; the one that you adopt and the one we can put into a Foster home. His dream is to someday have a place where he can house many abandoned or homeless animals, keeping them safe until a forever home is found for them.

The current Maricopa County Animal Care and Control cannot house these animals and are limited in space for intake. According to MaddiesReport for 2015 729 were euthanized and 6,176 were euthanized because they were unhealthy or untreatable. Unhealthy or untreatable could be because they have something simple as ringworm.

The current Maricopa County Animal Care and Control website shows the intake and euthanized rate for 2017.

Volunteer run Animal Rescue groups are stretched to the max in taking in stays and animals that must be removed from households. 

Foster homes are getting hard to find. There are currently more than 450 foster home rescues in Arizona. In 2018 R.A.I.N. organization took in 800 cats and adopted out 658.  That leaves 142 still in foster homes and more coming every day. 

The growing concern is that we cannot keep up with the number of cats and dogs that should be placed in a loving home. 

We have created PATCHES (Protecting Animals Through Community Housing), because of the following:

  • The population estimates growth of Phoenix Metro Area for 2019 is 4,927,000. That is 1,811,000 household. 
  • *The current estimated dogs in Phoenix Metro Area of 2019 is 881,000. 
  • *The current estimated cats in the Phoenix Metro Area of 2019 is 936,000.
  • The estimated growth of Cats and Dogs that are going to need homes in 2019 is 111,000.

*Population Estimates from the “Arizona Department of Administration/Population Statistics”

*Estimates of all Animal Data from the “National Pet Owners Survey”