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Mission: The Animals  (and Humans) Disaster, Empty Bowl Pet Food Pantry’s mission is to build community and bring people together through the use of animals, to help educate the people to live healthy through their animals, and to learn to prepare for emergencies through their animals. We do this by providing emergency disaster services, pet food pantries, education, and healthcare services in Arizona through a holistic approach. We help people in crisis, in their communities!.

Company Description: Empty Bowl Pet Food Pantry is a 501 c (3) headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona to provide statewide animal and pet assistance to individuals experiencing economic challenges, health problems, and/or natural disaster. Empty Bowl Pet Food Pantry has a FEMA sanctioned Animal Disaster Team, MRC #2743 

The disaster team works with the Arizona State Health Department to help animals in community wide disasters for State of Arizona Emergency preparedness and the medical reserve corps.

Additionally, we leverage our relationships with an extensive network of agencies, churches, business and groups in Arizona to ensure that when a family has lost everything that their pets receive care as well so that those pets continue to provide emotional and mental support in times of instability or crisis!