Our Story - PATCHES AZ

Two years ago, two animal rescue founders Wayne Miller and Sam Basso got together. Living in Maricopa County where, at one point, sadly, more than 100 animals per day were being put down, primarily due to overcrowding at local shelters. Wayne and Sam decided there had to be a better way, and PATCHES was born.  PATCHES is, by design, collaboration and works with and supports existing rescues to better the entire community.

  • PATCHES puts rescues under one roof reducing overhead costs, enabling them to ready, hold, and adopt their dogs and cats from a shared facility. 
  • PATCHES has amenities that rescue need, including a Veterinary practice on-site and a nursery for puppies, kittens and expectant mothers. 
  • PATCHES adoption hours will be from 9 A.M. to 9 P.M seven days a week making adoptions accessible to many people with different work schedules, without running all over town to meet animals up for adoption. 
  • PATCHES will have a conference room to conduct training and meetings, including educating rescue how to successfully run their non-profit organization. We have all seen the news where animals are found in terrible conditions.  These tragedies generally start with a rescue run by a passionate and caring person, who ends up overwhelmed, overburdened and don’t know where to go for help. PATCHES is here to help.
  • PATCHES will provide mentoring to other facilities as an example programs for best practices, resources and problem solving.
  • PATCHES will embrace trained adoption counselors to support finding the right family for the right animal, increasing successful adoptions.
  • PATCHES supports other partners in the community including, Veterans, Victims of Domestic Violence, Seniors and Disconnected Youth. See our community programs link for more information.

Recently a very significant development in the Maricopa County shelter program has expanded the possibilities for PATCHES.  The county has two shelters, east and west.  You may be aware the physical building the east valley shelter currently resides in is sold.  The original idea at the county level was to transfer all business to the West shelter.  It has become apparent that this will not be feasible and county will now be opening a new shelter on the East side of the valley. The current proposed location is by Mesa Drive and Baseline Road. The challenge is the plan does not expanding the capacity, in an ever growing East valley. There is currently NO capacity for surrendered of animals as the current facilities are continually overwhelmed with stray animals. PATCHES is in a unique position with a ready plan to partner with the county and combine the project and the county shelter program, should this opportunity present.