Community Programs

Photo by Craig Adderley from Pexels

Hire Veterans

Many organizations help Veterans with disabilities and PATCHES will be helping veterans through therapy programs and training to help them back into the community, by helping to care for the animals, work with the public, train for careers as veterinarian technicians, manage food donations and serve as mentors for teen workers. Provide leadership opportunities to encourage them to heal

Hire Disconnected Youth

Troubled teens who come from difficult backgrounds who are not currently on a positive life path, who will have the opportunity to learn “World of Work” skills, gain work experience and serve as social skill buddies.

Hire Developmentally Disabled

Individuals such as those on the Autism spectrum can help to care for the animals, help maintain the building and become independent and self-sufficient by gaining work  and social skills.

Provide Kennel Space for the Animals of Domestic Violence Victims

Provide Kennels for the Animals of Domestic Violence Victims – who often
refuse to leave an abusive home situation because they know that their
beloved animals will be harmed or killed by the abuser if they flee and
leave the animals in that situation. In exchange for the care of their pets they would 

Senior for Senior — Retiring Together Program

Lonely senior citizens often go without animal companionship due to living on a fixed income and/or fear for what will happen to the animal if they die or enter a nursing home. Meanwhile senior dogs and cats die in the shelter every day because people do not want to adopt them. This program solves this problem by placing senior animals into the loving homes of senior citizens while providing any FREE or low cost food or veterinary car that the animal may need to live out their lives. The animal rescues participating in this program agree to take the animals back should anything happen to their senior citizen foster parent. Senior animals get a second chance and senior citizens get a companion animal to enrich their life. This is a true

Companion Animal Assistance Program — CAAP

Animals are often abandoned when families in our community lack the money to feed them or provide veterinary care.

Feeding Animals in Rescue — FAIR

This facility will serve as the drop off & pick up point for the food donations that support other local animal rescue groups that are volunteer based. Food is a major expense for animal rescues that currently prevents them from saving more animals. Colony care givers of often work full time jobs, to be able to pay for food for the colonies they serve.

This program will offer 24 hour phones assistance to the community offering help in navigating the animal resources that are available in the community to assist them.

There will be a phone line as well as an instant messaging and Skype option to assist people in finding assistance for all animals questions or problems.

Examples of the type of calls that will receive assistance are: Where do I take this wild bird that is injured?

  • What do I do to help a lost or found dog or cat?
  • Where can I find FREE or low cost temporary housing for my companion animal while I get a hospital surgery?
  • Is there a foster home for my animal available for a Deploying Veteran?
  • How can a protect my animals because I am in a Domestic Violence situation and I am entering a shelter?
  • Where can I get FREE or low cost food or veterinary care for my animal so that I can continue to care for my companion animal?
  • How do I prepare to help my animals if there is a natural disaster? Where is the low cost Spay/Neuter options?
  • What can I do with an unwanted gerbil, hamster, reptile, etc.?
  • Where is a reputable animal rescue that I can donate food, items or money to?
  • Where is an animal rescue that will allow my teen or young child to volunteer?